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Finding an employee through Jobex is:

Saving money

Paying an employee on average 20% better than employing someone through a company

Fast recruitment

We offer several employers for your job in no time. You only need to select a suitable one, based on rating, reviews and specialization

Quality work

All performers at Jobex are pre-screened. Customer reviews directly affect the rating of the employee, so there are no unfair employees in the application

1) Launch the Jobex app

2) Choose the desired specialist

3) Click on
“Find an Employee” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will pay for the work through the service only when it is done, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your money

The application provides you with several employers to choose from. You can compare their price and quality by checking their rates and reading the feedback from the customers who had worked with a particular expert.

The app has a convenient chat with your performer. You can ask any more specific questions and agree on the specifics of the job.

You can enter a deadline in the order description. First we will offer those executors who are near you and ready to leave to perform the order in the near future.

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